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Rock · n' · roll · is · in · my · soul

and let me tell ya sometimes I just lose control

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Heroin blood money
It's our economy
American businessman
Your pockets are so dirty
Investing in:
Investing in disease
Keeping the masses ignorant
Keeping them on their knees

Day stars sparkling
On the pacific waters
Children on the rocks
Mimicking their fathers
The sun it dips away
Moving back behind the clouds
Then it returns to say:
That he is so proud
He is so proud
Speaking loud and clearly
Yet making not a sound
The wind surrounds

The cold brushes your face
Teasing you
Making you long for warmth
The sun it shines so brightly
You are taking off your coat
Then the cold returns
It teases you some more

Stomping on the rocks
Children sharing innocent talks
A shadow starts to move in
Radiating sin

Walk the tracks to the swing and play with me
Please come on and tell me you are not so cowardly
Oh! The time that we could have swinging in the trees
With the birds and bees (just you and me)

A conversation: Ey man you seen that place by the train tracks down on the coast? Yeah you walk like three miles down along the rocks to Acid Town. Acid Town? Yeah Acid Town. It's fucked up. You can get there goin' down 88th street. 88th street? That's right by my house. Yeah I was gonna go there today. Actually we should all go sometime. Go to Acid Town.

Three thousand baptised in flame
No tombs to carry their names
The ones that died in vain
Rogue empire gone insane
Falling in towrds their own shadows
Staight ahead and narrow
They come upon the gallows
Call me not your modern son
For I am not a child of the gun
* * *
I miss a couple people. Disconnected I am. Am I pushing them away? Are they pushing me away? Did I freak em out? Maybe I need to be put at distance. Am I not making a proper effort? I never pick up the tele. Just not one for phone conversation. Maybe it's that best friend gap. Aside from my love I'm not that terribly close to anyone. Maybe I don't need anyone else. But I've been there. It causes a distinct feeling of longing outside of love. I need to get out more than once or twice every two weeks. Brokeback made me think about reluctant love. I feel reluctant friendship.

I begin to write
Driving down Mukilteo
Racing to my home

I love you
I love you too

The wax dripping down
Uncomfortably hot
Rip it off my face

The space it looks good now
No longer embarrased I feel

Turkish Royal love
Enhale the cigarette
And then breath it out

* * *
Why cannot I be
Anything that I desire
This vessel restricts

So I craft my game
Move outside of pure instinct
Like the seasons change

* * *
Temperatures drop
Rapidly Unexepected
Northwestern springtime
She is my heater
I hold her close when I can
But now she is hurt
So I bare the cold
Knowing that I am at fault
* * *
Series of social artifacts
A room is a museum
The picture abstracts
Cures the symptom

A room is a museum
Moderate for living
Cures the symptom
Giving and receiving

Moderate for living
The picture abstracts
Giving and receiving
Series of social artifacts

* * *
* * *
She is laying here
Next to me and her eyes twitch
Her lips are roses

The tele is on
Transmitting violent truth
To the freed peoples

My eyes are burning
Why do I keep them open?
Focused on the screen

* * *
Getting into the swing. It's good. Need to get a new job major. School is nice though. For awhile I wasn't gettin out much. Now I'm making new friends and the like and it's a good thing for the soul. Igniting my inner drive to get out and see more, expand my horizons ya know, see the world.
* * *
There are those who after everything you do for them, after all the free passes you throw their way they can only think of themselves. Well I'm not here to do you a million favors only to have me ask for one and be rejected. Well I ain't gonna give you shit no no. In fact, I consider such acts of selfishness an act against our contract, which is now null and void. So stop calling.
* * *
How far did I go last night? My heart is bleeding I can feel it. Blood no longer pumps through my vains it feels like acid. I know I feel like a xenomorph (the aliens from Alien). I was supposed to work today. And then I was supposed to get some sleep. And yet here I am tired, wired, and bored.
* * *
Well I'm feeling rather fine
With this here girl of mine
Hey mister would you mind
If I kissed this girl in time?

Conversations over wine
They always remind:
Lonelyness of the telephone line
Wishing that I had your hand in mine

* * *
* * *